C4: The Public Unveiling of High School Hell

Ringo Jones Productions headed to the Central Canada Comic Con (C4) Oct. 28-30, 2016 to officially launch the physical versions of the High School Hell Trilogy (Heart of Stone, Heart of Clay, Heart of Flesh). Author I.D. Russell was on hand to talk to convention goers and sign copies of books.


This was the first chance for people to see what has been in the works these many months and the response was encouraging.  Being a first timer, I.D. Russell was learning as he went, perfecting the pitch and figuring out by process of elimination the best way to explain the series in as short and interesting a manner as possible.

Through the power of viral marketing, instagram and twitter were awash with photos of the brilliant cosplayers that happened to stop by the table holding the books and it definitely helped get the word out.

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Overall, while the location of the table wasn’t the best with the bulk of the convention goers migrating around to the vendor area first and only finding the artists section after having spent most of their money, the con was a success and Ringo Jones Productions will definitely be back next year!  (With new books too!)